Ball valves

Ball Valves for on-off service, emergency shut down (ESD), zero leakage hermeticity. Split or fully welded body. Trunnion guided, Floating ball, Double blocking and Top Entry design. Soft or metal seats, with tungsten or chrome carbide hard coating.

Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves are designed for on-off or throttling service to control the flow in a pipeline. For general or high-performance service, designs centered, double, or triple eccentric.

Check valves

These are automatic quick acting devices that prevent the counter flow or the medium in the pipe. Available designs are butterfly or flap (simple and dual), swing, lift and others. Check valves are not intended for the shut-off of the line.

Gate valves

Gate valves are intended for the shut-off of a pipeline and is not recommended for throttling or control service. Available are designs with solid wedge, flexible wedge, divided wedge, and double wedge.

Globe valves

Designed for proportional control applications, can also be used for on-off service. The different types are used in applications which require high functionality at high pressure and temperature.

Scraper valves

Systems for the cleaning and inspections of pipelines. Depending on the purpose, different type of equipment can be used for the launching and receiving of the pigs, all available in EXaL Technology.


Actuators and complete automation systems for valves. Pneumatic rack & pinion and scotch yoke actuators, electric last position and fail-safe actuators, hydraulic actuators and others.

Wellheads & Christmas trees

Well heads for oil, gas and geothermal wells which provide the interface between the drilling and operation equipment. The Christmas trees provide the pressure control systems.