Your partner for industrial valves, actuators, well heads and other products for the heavy industry.

Based on long experience of our engineers, we offer the optimal solution for your problems, for the selection of valves and its automation in the heavy industry, like oil & gas, chemical, mining industry and for the design of well heads for oil & gas exploration, gas storage and geothermal wells.

According to your needs and your requirements, you will obtain ball valves, gate valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, check valves, others special valves, pneumatic and electric actuators, control system, well head and Christmas threes.

For almost two decades, well-known companies in the Petro- chemical, Oil & Gas, power and Mining prefer the quality of our products. Our customers trust in our technical experience and knowledge.

Development and design are conceived at the German central House and all our products come from Europe community.

Let us work together

Your partner for industrial valves, actuators, well heads and other products for the heavy industry.


Entrepreneurial action means future-oriented action. EXaL Technology has been committed to this principle as a family business since the early years. Of course, this includes our core business, but a holistic approach goes far beyond customer and employee orientation. We are constantly developing the willingness to continuously improvement based on customer surveys and their evaluation. As a responsible employer, EXaL Technology invests sustainably in the further training of its employees, thereby laying an important foundation stone for the future of the company and its employees.


For almost two decades, the most important companies in the petrochemical, oil, energy and mining industry prefer the quality of our products. Our clients rely on our technical experience and knowledge.

Most of the high-tech applications expected by our customers require intensive development of high-quality products that only through EXaL Technology have been able to find.


The EXaL Technology maxim reads: No tolerance for corruption, competition violations or other violations of applicable law - and where it comes to, consistent response. But compliance means much more than just complying with laws. Compliance is the foundation of all our decisions and activities and is the key to integrity in business behavior. Our premise is: Only clean business is our business. This applies worldwide. Our responsibility includes combating corruption and breaches of competition as well as avoiding export control violations. We ensure that personal information is protected and that human rights are not violated.


Why we take responsibility for people and the environment. As a family business, we understand the importance of prudent corporate governance geared to long-term success. Economic growth is in harmony with ecological and social thinking. We take our responsibility to customers, partners, employees and shareholders as well as towards the environment and society. That's why we use resources carefully, support education, research and culture and work on future solutions that make sustainable development possible for all.


EXaL Technology, a family business was founded on October 15, 2001 in Ettlingen, Germany. The purpose of our company is to develop, produce and distribute various types of valves, including their actuators and accessories, equipment for the oil and gas industry, well heads and Christmas trees.

The founders of EXaL Technology are engineers, technicians and sales specialists with more than 30 years of professional experience in the valve and automated systems industry.

Today we can proudly say that EXaL Technology, with a view to the future, incorporates its second generation, also specialized technicians who forge and develop day after day their knowledge acquired in their studies and knowledge inherited by the founders.

EXaL Technology who also aims at continuous technological development in its products and services has the experience of many engineers, scientists and suppliers based worldwide.